While SMS alerts are handy, they also tend to be tricky. Across 120+ countries, we continuously deal with compliances & regulations from Vendors, Government, and Phone carrier companies.

Other alert channels similar to SMS are a lot less cumbersome with higher delivery rates. Let’s take a look at the available options to switch from SMS.

WhatsApp and Telegram: Our WhatsApp and Telegram messaging formats provide more incident context and allow you to Acknowledge/Resolve by replying to messages.

Pushover notifications: Choose to receive push notifications using the Pushover app. You will receive these notifications directly to your mobile device.

Mobile App: Spike’s mobile is in its early days. Our very first version is basic, and a little janky, but it does a good job at push notifications. In escalation policies, replace SMS with Mobile notifications

  • Download from iOS AppStore
  • Download on Play Store

Slack app: Redirect alerts to Slack. change your notification settings to receive alerts for all messages, so you don’t miss out on important alerts. Visit Slack channel > Click on channel name > Get notifications for all messages.

Getting a quick text on mobile for medium severity and priority incidents is highly efficient. The above-mentioned options are reliable options as well.

Try them out and let us know what you think.