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Alerting and On-Call for small teams and early stage startups

$7 per user/month

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100 Total alerts on Phone, SMS

WhatsApp and Telegram alerts

ChatOps with Slack, Teams, Discord

On-Call Schedules

75+ integrations

ChatOps (Slack and MS Teams)

Uptime monitoring

Status Page


Incident Management, Response and Insights

$14 per user/month

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Everything in Starter plan, and

Unlimited Alerts on Phone, SMS

Unlimited Teams

Unlimited Alert Rules

Outbound Webhooks

Incident Context

JIRA, ClickUp, Linear integration

War rooms


Priority Support, Custom Requirements for larger teams

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Everything in Business plan, and


Priority support

Unlimited Status Pages

Custom Reports

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$7 per user/month


$19 per user/month


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  • Incidents
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Phone calls
  • 100 phone calls/month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • SMS
  • 100 sms/month
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Whatsapp and Telegram
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • ChatOps
  • Users
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Teams
  • 1 team
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • On-Call schedules
  • On-Call override
  • On-Call calendar sync
  • Integrations
  • Task management integrations (JIRA, ClickUp, Linear)
  • War rooms (Google Meet and Zoom)
  • Escalations
  • Services
  • Status Pages
  • 10 status pages
  • 20 status pages
  • Unlimited
  • Uptime
  • Templates
  • Incident Priority and Severity
  • Incident Grouping
  • Incident Suppression
  • Automatic incident resolution
  • Incident Context
  • Office timings
  • Out-of-office mode
  • Cooldown mode
  • Alert Rules
  • 1 Alert Rule
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Outbound Webhooks
  • Title remapper
  • Mobile app
  • Coming Soon
  • API (requests per month)
  • # of users x 1000
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Single Sign-On
  • Reports
  • Overview only
  • Custom Reports
  • Support
  • Standard support (Email, Chat)
  • Standard support (Email, Chat)
  • Priority support (Email, chat)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add team members during my subscription?

Yes. You can add team members at any point on our Starter and Business plans.

Can I remove team members during my subscription?

Yes. You can remove team members at any point on our Starter and Business plans.

What type of support do you provide?

If you are on the Starter or Business plan, you get access to our standard support via email and chat. You can write to us at [email protected], or start a chat by using the chat widget on the bottom right of the website or dashboard.

Customers on the Enterprise plan get Priority support. Please email us at [email protected] to know more.

You can also access our extensive documentation here.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Customers on the Starter and Business plan can cancel their subscription anytime by going to their Billing settings.

If you are on the enterprise plan, reach out to us on [email protected] and we'll help you with the cancellation.