Setup alerts in Twilio

twilio monitoring usage triggers debugger
Twilio helps you easily setup and automate making phone calls, sending SMS, Whatsapp notifications and emails with SendGrid.
Twilio integrates quite easily with Spike via webhooks. Create a webhook alert for each or all of your monitors for one or all of your services
With Twilio integration, you can -
  • Get usage alerts from Twilio. Setup triggers for number of calls made, sms sent etc.
  • Receive alerts for every error debugger from Twilio catches. You can customise to get just first error of day or 100 errors each week, etc.
  • Send all important alerts to the team who works on sending notifications.
  • suppress similar incidents from Twilio to reduce alert fatigue
Twilio usage triggers are super critical. We at Spike once were attacked by scammers of Toll fraud and lost over $800. Thanks to the usage triggers, we got a phone call from Spike and stopped it immediately by cutting losses quickly.