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Group repeat incidents

Incidents which are repeated are automatically grouped together telling you how many times it has occurred along with it's first occurrence and last occurrence.

Mute incidents

Mute an incident for a period of time, we will not send any alerts but still create an incident and group them too.

Supress repeat incidents

No repeat alarms, no noise as long as you are working on resolving the incidents.

Reassign incidents

Not the right person to handle the incident? Reassign easily to the one who would.

Public incidents

Anyone with the link to your incident can access it in read-only mode and stay updated.

Detailed activity log

Bring in more transparency with detailed activity log of alerts, reassigns, incident status changes and repeat events for same incident.

Auto resolve incidents

Our integrations make sure that incidents are resolved automatically on Spike when they are fixed on your monitoring tool.


Unlimited services

Come full circle by adding incident tracking to all your services. Scope your incidents, reports and health of each service.

Affected services

Monitor the services which are affected the most by open incidents. Prioritise and resolve to increase customer satisfaction.

Multiple integrations

Your service relies on multiple tools. Integrate with all your tools for every service to track platform health better.


Simple escalation policies

Alert one or more persons at the same time. Alert via phone prefered channel to every team member with time intervals.

Repeat escalations

We repeat escalations so your team doesn't miss an incident in it's triggered state.

Acknowledge timeouts

Set a timeout for an incident which is acknowledged but not resolved yet. This will start the escalations again so no-one misses the incident affecting your customers.



Mean Time To Resolve and Mean Time to Acknowledge for your entire platform broken down at service level.

Real time platform health

Get a real time snapshot of your platform's health. Monitory by open incidents and resolve for every service.

Reports in your inbox

We send you timely reports directly in your inbox. Ones that you can share with your team and start a dialogue.


Unlimited alerts

We provide you unlimited alerts across all the supported channels. No more predicting your monthly billing cycle.

Actionable alerts

We have made it easy for you to acknowledge, resolve or escalate incident via phone, email and Slack

Multiple channels

Spike supports unlimited alerts via email, phone and Slack.

Other features

Unlimited team members

Grow your team on Spike with ease. We scale our platform as you grow your team. We also make it easy to remove a member from your team.

Multiple roles

We support multiple roles on Spike. Assign and change roles under settings.

Video tutorials

coming soon A few set of short videos to help you get the most out of Spike.

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We offer seamless integrations to come full circle for each of services. We alert the right person on the job so you can sleep peacefully knowing we have got you covered
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