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Escalation Alerts

Automate alert escalation to alert the right person at the right time. No issue gets ignored or unresolved.

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Easy, fast setup

Add any number of escalation levels in a easy and hassle free.

  • Unlimited escalation policies
  • No limits on steps
  • Simulataneous alerts
  • Plugs in Oncall schedules
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Fine tune escalations

Tune escalation with Wait time to wait x mins before sending alerts and Choose to repeat escalations any number of times.

All alerts on

Multi channel support

Endless possibilities in alerting with support for 8 different channels.

All Alert Channels

  • Phone calls
  • Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Email, Pushover
  • SMS, Telegram, Whatsapp

Single-click templates

Setup escalation policies by starting with one of our templates.


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