Happy to introduce a Support Member role on Spike.sh. Unlike other roles, this role member will cannot change the statuses of your incidents.

This is important in case when your customers are affected, your support team would already know about the incidents affecting them. Important if your support roles don't have to be caught blindsided.

How to use support role?

Add support role members in your escalation policies. Notify them with either Phone, SMS, Email or Slack.

Support role members cannot change your incident status when they get alerted

Here is one example of escalation policy with Support roles in it 👇. In this example, when a critical incident occurs a phone alert is sent to Kaushik and simultaneously an email will be sent to Michaël from Support team.

Spike.sh escalation policy
P1- Critical incident alert policy with Support role

We would be happy to know your thoughts on it. You can email us at [email protected] or directly to me at [email protected]