It's not everyday that an incident needs multiple responders to work together and resolve it. But when the day arrives, know that, we now support adding mutliple responders to a single incident.

Users can now instantly add a responder by clicking the + Responder button. You can add and remove responders for a single incident or by selecting multiple.


1. Empathy

Responders are walking into the fire, willingly to help their team resume business as usual. Logging them as responders, we believe, could help in building empathy in the larger sense. We have got some neat things planned here!

2. Transparency

If multiple members of your team are working together on resolving an incident, then adding them brings in transparency to everyone who looks at the incident.

3. Future context

If this incident repeats itself, then a context who resolved this in the past could be super helpful in reducing MTTR and gauging the incident resolution steps along with it's responders.

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