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Proactive Incident Response with Unlimited Alerts, Oncall Schedules, and Beautiful Status Pages

Spike alerts you of incidents before your customers do. Get real-time alerts on Phone calls, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more for 80+ integrations

Proactive Incident Response with Unlimited Alerts, Oncall Schedules, and Beautiful Status Pages

Spike in Numbers

Over 15 million incidents managed and nearly a million alerts sent

15 million +
Incidents processed
Oncall shifts rotated
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Trusted by 100s of teams across 40+ countries

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Simple setup

Get up and running in 5 minutes without writing any code. Setup integrations, alerts, and Done!

Predictive pricing

Spike offers simple, affordable pricing options. Predictable pricing, unlimited outcomes.

Onboard teams

Easy setup and fast onboarding for dev and ops teams. No training needed to get started.

Incident management

Effortlessly track incidents with automated priority and severity settings. Real-time alerts via Phone calls, SMS, and more. Spike is always mindful of work-life balance with noise cancellation enabled. Stay proactive and resolve incidents collaboratively as a team.

On-call management

Our simple oncall management makes it foolproof for your team to distribute alerts to keep services running without any hiccups. Quick setup, easy scheduling and calendar integrations helps in responsive rotations of members.

  • Are you Oncall?
  • Who is Oncall?
  • Oncall overrides
  • Oncall shift alerts
On Call management

Response automation

Automate common incident actions to control your incident management workflow. Leverage automation, noise cancellation, and incident severity settings to establish a distinct critical incident flow.

  • Alert rules
  • Automation
  • Playbooks
  • Trigger external scripts
Response Automation

Teams & Collaboration

Managing and resolving incidents is a team effort. Bring your team together in shared and dedicated spaces. Collaborate fast, and store notes on how every incident is resolved for reference.

  • Notes & comments
  • Multi-channel support
  • Alert multiple people
  • Dedicated spaces for different teams
Teams and Collaboration


Rich actionable alerts wherever you get your work done. Acknowledge & Resolve incidents across any of these platforms.

Responders can take actions against an incident without visiting Spike.

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Discord
  • Telegram/Whatsapp

Navigating Various Incident Scenarios

Response during a critical incident
Critical Incident Timeline

Automate resolution of a non-critical incident

Non Critical Incident Timeline

Try the World's Easiest Way to Manage Incidents and get Ahead of Service Degradation and Disruptions

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Spike integrates seamlessly and works with your stack. New integrations are released frequently and your requests are given high priority.

There is also support for creating incidents via custom webhooks and emails.

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