Powerful Slack app for Incident Response

Handle incidents directly within Slack with real-time updates, dedicated channels, and oncall alerts


Real-time actionable alerts

Take action on every incident alert directly from Slack, equipped with context to eliminate any guesswork.

Slack Incident Messages

Respond to Incidents

Acknowledge and Resolve incidents directly from Slack

Set Severity and Priority

Responders can update incident's Severity and Priority for transparency

Oncall Alerts

Get Oncall alerts when shifts rotate to keep everyone in loop

Slack Channels in Spike

Dedicated channel for every incident

Start focused and immediate discussions by launching a new Slack channel for each incident. This specific space helps improve communication, allowing all relevant team members to collaborate effectively and resolve issues more quickly

Interactive commands in Slack

The below commands enable quick actions for important info.


Trigger new incidents directly from Slack, with options to set escalation, priority, and severity

 /oncall me 

Shows your oncall status and upcoming shifts.

 /oncall now 

Check who is oncall right now and connect with them in a single click

Getting started with Slack

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