Oncall Management

Effortless Oncall Setup

Efficiently rotate first responders daily or weekly using our streamlined oncall management system. It's designed to ensure foolproof alert distribution, helping your team maintain service continuity without hiccups.

Quick setup, easy scheduling and calendar integrations helps in responsive rotations of members.
Oncall Incident Response
Flexible, complex schedules
Primary & secondary Oncall setup
Quick overrides to catch a break
Oncall rotation alerts

Customizable Oncall schedules

Tailor your oncall rotations that works for your team and workflows

Out of Office Schedule

After office hours

Route alerts to oncall members exclusively after office hours, with the option to implement a separate override for weekends

Out of Office Schedule Slide
6 Hour Shift

6 hour shift

Set up rapid six-hour rotations to keep oncall duties manageable, great for remote teams across different timezones

6 Hour Shift Slide
Out of Office Schedule

Weekend Only

Customize your oncall schedule to have team covering exclusively over the weekend, from Friday 6 PM to Monday 9 AM

Weekend Only Slide

Sync oncall with your calendar

Sync oncall schedules directly with your calendars, so every team member has up-to-date access to shift timings and responsibilities. This helps maintain clear communication and coordination across the team, reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts and missed alerts
Sync on-call with Google calendar

Multiple timezones support

Our oncall scheduling supports multiple time zones, for increased coordination across remote teams spread in different locations. This helps maintain timely responses and continuous coverage
Works across multiple time zones to support remote teams

Who is oncall? Am I oncall?

Easily identify who's oncall or check if you are oncall for added transparency. This way everyone knows who is responsible for immediate responses.
Easily find who's oncall bringing in more transparency

On-call Override

If a team member is unavailable for a scheduled oncall shift, you can create an override to temporarily assign another person. This oncall override allows for short-term reassignments without altering the entire schedule.

Oncall templates

Create flexible and co-ordinated oncall schedules by starting with one of our templates.

Follow the sun model, Daily rotation, Split the week, and more

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