Collaborate & Coordinate Incident Response

Resolving incidents is a team effort. Unite your teams to collaborate effectively and resolve issues faster, accelerating response times and consistently maintaining SLAs. Together, stronger.

Spike Collaboration
Collaboration Comments


@tagging + Instant alerts Tagging in comments triggers immediate notifications on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. Enables you to discuss and advance your ideas for resolving incidents together.

Rich editor Our rich editor in comments adds for better clarity and detail. It supports images and allows for @tagging responders to easily engage.

Persistent comments adds context Comments on incidents are persistent, even as incidents repeat. This feature maintains a continuous thread of dialogue and insights, providing your team with historical context and previous solutions that help speed up resolution times.

Collaboration Notes


Resolution Note Resolution Notes detail the steps taken to resolve an incident and provide recommendations for future actions. These notes are invaluable for the next responder if the incident recurs, offering a ready reference that enables quick and consistent handling of similar issues

Markdown support + persistence Our notes feature includes a markdown editor and just like comments, they are persistent. Notes gather insights and data added over time. This continuity is crucial for maintaining an understanding of each incident as it evolves or recurs.

Collaboration Chatops


Spike bots come to play Get alerts and coordinate responses directly within the tools where you work, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Our bots enable your teams to stay updated and respond faster without leaving their chat environment

Take actions directly from chat With Spike, you don’t need to switch applications to manage incidents. Execute necessary actions right from your chat interface, significantly reducing your Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) .


Actionable alerts and all the needed info directly on Slack. Oncall alerts too :)

Microsoft Teams

Our new Microsoft Teams bot also updates you with incident and Oncall alerts


The Discord integration alerts you with all the incident details to kickstart your investigation

Video Integration for Collaboration

War Rooms

War rooms allow you to initiate a conference call instantly with a single click. Once activated, Spike alerts responders and assembles them on the call, enabling a collaborative discussion to address the incident without any confusion about where to connect.

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