Work in Sync

Organize Teams with Dedicated Workspaces

Create transparent, cross-functional or private groups, each with distinct areas for incidents, oncall, services, reports, and more.

Effortlessly Switch Between Teams

Easily navigate between multiple teams as a responder or admin for quick access. Private teams are invite-only to confidentiality and focused collaboration for specialized groups like security and legal

Easy Team Switching

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized dashboards eliminate distractions by displaying only relevant incidents from the teams each responder is part of, enhancing focus. Dedicated spaces maintain clarity and filter out unrelated alerts.

Multiple Teams and Syncing

Advanced Access Control

Admins and team managers can easily manage multiple teams and control access with Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Customize team settings, create & assign roles, plus regulate permissions for appropriate access levels.

Add Teams in a Click

Open access

Responders have the flexibility to join any team within the organization to promote cross-functional collaboration

Transparent Team Spaces

Foster an open mindset with dedicated spaces where responders can browse other teams and request to join

Team Invites

Send invites that are specific to team roles so the right personnel are added based on their roles

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