Alert fatigue

Minimize Alerts, Maximize Balance

Spike filters out non-essential alerts so you only receive notifications that demand your attention. This approach reduces alert fatigue and supports your work-life balance, helping you concentrate on essential tasks without unnecessary interruptions.

Noise Cancellation
Modes in Noise Cancellation

Do Not Disturb modes

Better work-life balance and well-being with Spike’s flexible modes. Whether you need uninterrupted time for deep work, a brief respite after a strenuous day, or a reliable way to manage duties while you’re away. Each setting is designed to help you stay at your best, both personally and professionally.

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Mute Incidents

Mute incidents

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Suppress Incidents

Focus without Interruptions

While you work on resolving an incident, our suppression engine automatically filters out redundant alerts from repeat events. This cuts down over 97% of the noise, freeing you to focus solely on the issue at hand without being interrupted by repetitive phone calls and Slack alerts.

Smart alert routing

Critical alerts can trigger phone calls, while less urgent ones can be directed to Slack or even marked resolved or ignored. Effective alerting tailored to the urgency of each incident. This approach minimizes disruptions while keeping teams informed.

Set up alert routing based on incident specifics such as keywords, priorities, severites, and more.

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Alert Rules

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