Incidents are Inevitable

And we can help you resolve them faster

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Incidents alerted
Critical incidents

How Spike deals with incidents

Keeping Incidents at Bay, 24/7

When an incident occurs, Spike intelligently determines whether it's a new or repeated incident, guaranteeing that every alert you get is relevant. Our system automatically groups repeated incidents to suppress unnecessary alerts, allowing you to focus solely on genuine issues.

With Spike, you can be confident that you’ll only be alerted when it's absolutely necessary.

Auto Resolve incidents

Spike's integrations with your existing systems enable automatic detection of when an incident has returned to normal operations. Utilize the auto-resolve feature to automate the handling of common incidents, streamlining your response process.

 Pro Tip:  Additionally, you can add a wait time in escalations or utilize automation with playbooks to trigger external scripts and allow the incident to auto-resolve. All this happens in the background, transforming this into a self-healing incident resolution system.

  • Works with most integrations
  • Enables self healing incidents
  • Automate incident resolutions
Auto Resolve Incidents

Suppressed incidents

While you tackle resolving an incident, our intelligent suppression system automatically filters out similar recurring incidents. This engine effectively eliminates over 97% of the noise, enabling you to concentrate on the issues that truly matter.

  • Works with all integrations
  • Helps reduce alert noise
Suppressed Incidents

Repeated incidents

Spike detects repeated incidents for every incident. This enables you to intervene promptly. Stay ahead by addressing warnings before they develop into critical incidents. Additionally, each incident automatically triggers a severity assessment, categorizing them as SEV1 - High, SEV2 - Medium, or SEV3 - Low.

  • Works on all integrations
  • Easy tracking of incidents
  • Automatic Severity and Priority
  • Incident reports and context
Repeated Incidents

Complete incident context, total visibility

Incident context provides responders with a comprehensive overview at a glance, combining severity, priority, and affected services to quickly clarify the current status of all services involved.

Incident Context

Severity & Priority

Severity determines criticality. Paired with priority, incidents are categorised. This guides immediate focus and response efforts

Add / Remove responders

Quickly add or remove responders to incidents and ensure the right members are engaged when needed.

Affected services

Identify affected services and target your incident response efforts. Additionally, keep stakeholders updated with branded Status pages


Complete transparency with Activity log

Incident Timeline

Logs every alert

Every alert sent to responders is logged to create a comprehensive activity log. Notes & Comments are persisted for every occurrence though.

Logs incident actions

Link incident tickets from Linear, JIRA, ClickUp, and more to enhance context. Logs are also stored for triggering external scripts and War rooms

Maintains Rich history

Each incident occurrence is documented with its own activity log, making it easy to trace actions from previous events


Notes and Comments

Effective incident management relies on clear communication and teamwork. Notes and comments with markdown and image support enhance documentation, while tagging brings relevant team members up to speed.


Resolution note

Responders can add Resolution Notes to any incident. THis provides clear guidance on how to resolve an incident.

Rich editors

Our notes and comments feature rich editors equipped with markdown, image support, and teammate tagging for enhanced documentation

Fast collaboration

Tagged responders can quickly collaborate by replying to email alerts to add comments, with notifications also pushed through Slack and Microsoft Teams

Resolve incidents where you work

Spike's powerful bots brings you all incidents in real-time where you get work done

All Alerts  


Actionable alerts and all the needed info directly on Slack. Oncall alerts too :)


Our new Microsoft Teams bot also updates your with incident and Oncall alerts


The Discord integration alerts you with all the incident details to kickstart your investigation


Alerts on mobile notifications are perfect for those who want to skip our mobile apps

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