Over the past year, Spike.sh social media activity has been null.

As a bunch of shy nerds in a small team working remotely across the world, we really never bothered with social media and our presence on it. We always kept our heads low and maneuvered around it.

But no more.

As of today, we are coming back on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit as well.

Why now?

Simply because we have tons to talk about and share with the world. Over the last year, we have made great advancements and onboarded hundreds of businesses and thousands of users.

Onboarding so many users got us busy. We took feature requests, optimised our UI/UX, and in general spoke with many many users. It was amazing!

For a bunch of nerds who have always picked up tickets in our sprint, this was completely out of our comfortable zone and we loved it.

Talking to so many users, decision makers, and eventually helping them manage their incidents and get alerts is truly the pinnacle of job satisfaction!

A big Thank you to all our customers!

What are we talking on social media?

Theories. Feature updates. Guides. And a little bit more.

Theory - we will share how we think about incident management and how to simplify it.

Feature updates - All our new feature updates so you can make the most of Incident management

Guides - How tos!

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