Automate workflow with Zapier and

workflow automation connect apps

Zapier is the leading workflow automation platform. Connect 100s of apps with to trigger actions when an incident is created on Spike or create an incident on Spike from other apps.
We have worked hard on building the Zapier integration from the ground up for several use cases.

We invoke a zap every time a new incident is created for integrations of your choice. You can choose to then automate sending an email to affected customers or trigger Amazon Alexa and even change your room's colour to set the mood

  • Send email to affected customers
  • Send a message on Discord or
  • Make the light bulb change the colour or blink 🧐
  • Create issues on your tracking platform like JIRA or

You can choose to create an incident from one of hundreds of Zapier apps. Here are some example zaps for our action. Create an incident for 👉

  • Failed payments from Stripe
  • Custom queries with MySQL or Postgresql
  • DigitalOcean alerts for scaling, monitoring, etc.